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Mar 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
infused to find bottled the next water a natural choice again for kids. then there is dennis who work at the esteemed to create the house came to engage children while teaching them about eating. we also heard from jason massey explained -- did i get that right? .arie house network, and sent to basis and that healthy choice the easy choice for communities. i honestly couldn't be more impressed with the final is standing up here with me today and from talking to her judges, i know that choosing one winner was no easy task. today's winner will receive the tools necessary to expand upon their initial idea in addition to $10,000 the winner will receive a nugget that money and expert advice from senior investors that cattlemen and startup called hooking each provide invaluable guidance that will help our winner get off the right track and hopefully help us move the needle in the fight against obesity. now for the winner -- you don't have the envelope? i've got it right here. so the envelope -- pretend this is a fancy envelope michelle obama read the other night. did you all see that?
Mar 11, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. dennis jenkins who we brought in and admiral gehman quickly procured to be his kind of person that really knew every and bolt on the shuttle. dennis had written an extensive book on the technical development of the shuttle. roger from the air and space museum, duane dey is here. who was a ph.d. by that time from gw now working on the space that is bored and who was the master's candidate at the space policy institute who is probably our most successful graduate and runs a brewery and the virgin islands. [laughter] better than being deputy at nasa. to me, out of the whole report, this is the single most damning paragraph. nasa and indeed the country keeps its part of the bargain to operate a complicated fragile system to the maximum of its potential for safety. we were rather careful not to point fingers at individuals. we certainly pointed fingers at almost everybody that was involved in the program. and as i said we were asked not only to look at the accident but to place the accent and they have broader context of now what? here are some quotes from chapter 9 of the report. and y
Mar 25, 2013 11:00pm EDT
done now way? >> there were no regulations, no guidelines for the dennis. this started with the telegraph and the burglar alarm, fire alarm. you see pictures with these wires sticking out of the polls. >> this presented no danger. >> kids love to grab and break them because they give you a tangle. but once these parks started across it became extremely dangerous and there were unregulated. five or six in a given city. it did not cost that much money. they started to throw wires over houses and attach them to trees and mail them to houses. once you put them together pitbull started to be electrocuted in very graphic ways. >> and you have some graphic examples. a lot of your research was done with newspapers of the era. of course they'll of the stories about being tied to electrified polls. >> owned by the gas companies. but what were the other things they you discovered in the media reporting of this phenomenon, not the danger necessarily, but just the one they're coming to america. >> my favorite part is going back and finding really at one point in every city, town across the c
Mar 19, 2013 11:00pm EDT
with partners in the region? >> first thing i would do is send dennis rodman over. [laughter] the truth is the first thing i would do is i would ask them why they are doing what they're doing. i really like to hear from him personally because we know of course what his surrogate are doing. i would like to know from him by their defeat -- if they -- you know in that region the three countries that have as many countries, iran, turkey and egypt are the cornerstone of that region. does that mean we want to be like any of them or anyone else want to be like thatcome up with have to account for the fact those three countries are the historic cornerstones are endpoints of that region. the first thing at the know is what is it they believe the future holds for the region and why are they apparently it seems to me on a path to try to dredge up old animosities among sunni and shia things that frankly in this time in world history should be able
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4